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Nothing is CHOTA

Very often I am told that I am thinking too much about small things. “Choti si cheez hai chod de!”, “Itna mat soch chote chote cheezon ke baare mein!” are dialogues I get to hear very often while I believe … Continue reading

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Dad’s Little Princess

As a kid I really longed to be my dad’s . When I was a tiny kid, my dad was a well-built man with a big beard. I was most of the times scared to go to him and give … Continue reading

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Life is a cocktail

Conversations with drunk friends are very deep and philosophical sometimes. One such drunken conversation in the recent past made me realize something very interesting – Life is no different from a Cocktail (Non-alcoholics read ‘Mocktail’). Every person has his/her own … Continue reading

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Character without Condition 1: Selflessness

For most of us our character is lost in words and seldom reflects in  our actions. For us ‘conditions apply’ to stick to the character of our words. The moment life hits us hard in the face and when we have to … Continue reading

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Living Dreams: Beautiful and Foggy

I woke up, today, cursing the fact that I had to go to an early morning class on a foggy winter day. But as I stepped out of my room, the view was beautiful enough to charge me up and … Continue reading

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I am not a piece of flesh!

I am discarded like a piece of stale flesh. I am not a piece of flesh, I am female foetus. I wish I could ask my parents if they can imagine a life  without a mother, sister, wife and their … Continue reading

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25 Years of Love…

Today as the couple I watched very closely for 22 years of my life celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, let’s raise a toast to ’25 years of Love’. Cheers Mom and Dad, to you and to 25 years of your … Continue reading

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