Nothing is CHOTA

Very often I am told that I am thinking too much about small things. “Choti si cheez hai chod de!”, “Itna mat soch chote chote cheezon ke baare mein!” are dialogues I get to hear very often while I believe that it is these chota things that matter most in life. And here is why…

It is the ‘CHOTA’ comments we ignored at the bus-stops that turned into rapes and acid attacks today.

It is the ‘CHOTA’ wrappers we throw on the roads that helped us forget dustbins and keep our surroundings eternally dirty.

It is the ‘CHOTA’ gestures of love that make our days.

It is the ‘CHOTA’ drops of water we let leak from our taps that are making water the next oil. Don’t be surprised if 10 years down the line countries fought for water like they are fighting for oil today.

It is the ’CHOTA’ things we miss when we look back in life. A beautiful smile, the gossip over chai, jumping over the college walls, sitting by a lake side, the late night walks, a warm hug, the drama and the fun… 😀

It is the ‘CHOTA’ bulbs or fans we left running unnecessarily that are making us suffer power cuts today. Even the cities in India are having to deal with 3-6hrs of power cut in mid summer months.

It is the ‘CHOTA’ bribes we paid the traffic police that lead to thousands of crores of public money magically disappearing in scams. And yes, we are all crying about how corrupted the country is today.

It is the ‘CHOTA’ coins we save that fill the piggy bank 🙂

It is the ‘CHOTA’ words we let slip our tongue that break hearts.

It is the ‘CHOTA’ things we do that say what we truly are. Because character is what you are when no one is watching and the CHOTA things are what go unnoticed.

Nothing is CHOTA

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3 Responses to Nothing is CHOTA

  1. Venkatesh says:

    And its also Mr. CHOTA Bheem who teaches CHOTA CHOTA things to CHOTE CHOTE baache and these CHOTE CHOTE BAACHE teach the adults some invaluable lessons which the adults forgot since they are busy running a race 🙂

  2. Amaleshwar says:

    Brilliantly said. To add to all that:

    Toyota Philosophy: Any ground breaking change is a series of CHOTA changes added up. Nothing happens with a deft stroke

    Any major failure is a series of CHOTA failures added up

    One thing which most of us don’t realize, how subtle or CHOTA things affect our behaviour and our decision making.

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