Living Dreams: Beautiful and Foggy

Photo Courtesy: Ashay Gangwar

Photo Courtesy: Ashay Gangwar

I woke up, today, cursing the fact that I had to go to an early morning class on a foggy winter day. But as I stepped out of my room, the view was beautiful enough to charge me up and I chose to walk to the class.

I could not see what lay more than a few feet ahead of me. When I looked around, it felt like standing in a fog-cage. I walked slowly, listening carefully to the sounds coming from all directions, to avoid being hit by cyclists blinded by the fog – like I am. I enjoyed the birds chirping, the cool breeze and the sun rays trying hard to reach the ground. It was a beautiful start of the day. Not only did it charge me up, it also made me realize something – this is how living our dreams is: Beautiful and Foggy.

Living our dreams is just like a foggy winter morning walk. We never know what lies more than a few steps ahead of us. It is only when we take one step forward that the next few steps are revealed to us. Standing still as we cannot see further only leaves us surrounded by fog. The only way is to have faith and take a step ahead and the path will keep on revealing itself to us. We need to be alert and be aware of each step that we take just like when we are on the foggy road. We never know when life hits us in the face just like we never know when a cyclist would crash into us. We celebrate our small creations, just like we enjoy the cool breeze and chirping of birds. After all the highs and lows of the journey, there we are cherishing the wonderful experience: Beautiful and Foggy.

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4 Responses to Living Dreams: Beautiful and Foggy

  1. Amaleshwar says:

    Brilliantly written :). Nice way of estimating the risks in chasing the dream 🙂

  2. Yash1823 says:

    Awesome !! 🙂

  3. Geoffrey Roberts says:

    Nice writing! I like the analogy you use regarding our dreams! Keep up the good work 🙂

  4. AsHiSh says:

    this is really good… 🙂
    keep it up….

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