25 Years of Love…

IMG_1444Today as the couple I watched very closely for 22 years of my life celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, let’s raise a toast to ’25 years of Love’.

Cheers Mom and Dad, to you and to 25 years of your life together. We wish you a very happy and long life together.

As a kid I always wondered why and how two people so different from each other chose to marry and live together for the rest of their lives.

My father is a smart, independent, tough and practical man. He is reserved and talks very less. He almost never says ‘I love you’ but if you have been with him you will definitely know that no one can love you more. If there is one man I can truly trust and who would never give up on me that is Him. Not just me, the entire family looks up to him (And well I have a huge family that counts up to 25 people).  His responsibilities mean everything to him and he never stepped back from any. When he is angry he mostly gets silent but  when he loses his temper you better don’t be around. He works hard, earns well and spends well too. When you ask him what he would leave back for his daughters if he spent so much, you will hear him saying, “The ability to stand up to themselves”. He is a conventional foodie. He loves home-made South Indian food and for him food is just another daily routine. Expect with food, dad loves taking reasonable risks.

My mother on the other hand is a soft, innocent and loving female.  She cannot live without all her family around her. She is an open book and her face clearly gives away what she is feeling. She shares everything she has on her mind. She tells us an ‘I love you’ every time she has an opportunity to (About 4-5 times a day). She loves unconditionally, the only condition being she needs some love back 🙂 When she is angry she cries her heart out and nearly never loses her temper. She is careful about every penny she spends and will never understand why dad has so many gadgets all of which play songs and videos 😛 She gets angry with dad because he doesn’t save enough to leave back for his daughters. She loves eating new varieties of food  and savours every bite of what she eats. Except with food, mom generally prefers to stay inside the risk-free zone.

In spite of all the differences they had one thing in common – LOVE for each other. And then came along two babies who occupied a huge part of their common world – Me and My Sister. All that mattered to them in the past 22 years was to be the best parents together.

One evening after dad came back from office we all sat together for a small chit-chat. The discussion turned out to be about why dad spent so much on handicrafts for home decor. My aunt said to my mom, “He loves them so he buys them. Why don’t you use your time at home to make them? He will stop buying then”. My aunt knew pretty well that my mom wouldn’t be able to make them. She was just mocking at my mom. To add to it dad said, “I will have to go looking for her in my next life to see one garland complete”.  My aunt said, “Would you go looking for her in your next life as well? I wouldn’t”. Dad smiled. Even after almost 5 years, I still remember that smile just like it was a moment ago. Dad meant what he said. He would go looking for her all over again if he was born again 🙂 I feel the same warmth in mom’s tone when she says, “I couldn’t have lived with anyone else” a day after they fight. I hear most married people saying, “I made the wrong choice. If I could go back in time I would marry someone else”. But my parents showed me that being happily together is not about the kind of people who live together but a choice that they make. We saw them live together in all the highs and lows of their lives. We saw them cry together, laugh together, fight with each other and be there for each other in each and every moment of their lives together.

I always thought one needs to find the perfect person to be in love with but this lovely couple showed me that to be in love is to embrace each others differences and to be together no matter what.

Snapshots from our little midnight celebration:


Handmade greeting card


Mom and dad reading the card


Cake cutting 🙂




Flowers from my sister


Hand made gift 🙂

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7 Responses to 25 Years of Love…

  1. I simply want to say I am all new to blogs and really liked you’re blog site. Almost certainly I’m likely to bookmark your website . You certainly have perfect articles. Regards for sharing your web-site.

  2. akhilesh says:

    Its not about being similar or different, its about completing each other and I am sure they must be feeling very proud to bring you two bright kids into this world.
    Convey my wishes to them and I really hope they read this article, if they haven’t already…. (they will love it.. i am sure)
    Happy Aniversary !!!!

  3. Venkatesh says:

    ” To embrace each others differences and to be together no matter what”, is the best gift one can give to his partner.

    “To make them stand up for themselves, for whatever they want to stand for” is the best gift one can gift to their son or daughter.


  4. Karthik says:

    I am completely confused after reading this. I have one question! I have some dreams which are risk-prone! Will I get a girl who would let me pursue them irrespective of any situations? If it be that, I will think about marrying! Else, I am afraid to entertain the idea!

    • thefosterer says:

      There definitely will be a girl who will love you as you are and respect your space. As I said if we respect each other and embrace the differences we will never have a problem. Problems start when we expect the other person to change for us. Focus on finding someone who respects you as you are, she need not be similar to you 🙂 All the best 🙂

  5. Absolutely true, if we keep looking at similarities we will also find the differences…. what is needed is willingness to respect the differences, and serve the vision of a marriage – which is stay together, what ever happens 🙂

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